Discovery box - Spa perfume "floral and fruity"

Perfume your Spa / Pool / Sauna / Hammam to create a moment of olfactory relaxation.

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Box of 4 floral and fruity fragrances.

  • Monoi flower 30 ml
  • Cherry blossom 30 ml
  • Orange blossom 30 ml
  • Coconut 30 ml

30 ml allows 3 to 5 uses.

Our fragrances are compatible with any spa / sauna / hammam / swimming pool / diffuser.

Top note : Jasmine

Heart note : Rose, Orange Blossom

Base note: Heliotrope, Vanilla

Femme dans un spa ou bain à remous

Treat yourself to a moment of increased well-being thanks to a unique olfactory experience.

why perfume your spa?

Perfume has the power to evoke emotions and memories. When you scent your spa with pleasant scents, you stimulate your senses in a positive way. Soothing scents can calm the mind and fresh scents can invigorate and energize.

Our cosmetic quality allows us to claim health safety values.

parfum kikao fleur de monoi idéal pour votre spa

The “Fleur de Monoï” perfume evokes vacations by the water

The Monoï fragrance instantly evokes the gentle breezes of tropical islands and seaside vacations. Inspired by Polynesian tradition, this captivating fragrance captures the sunny essence of tiare flowers macerated in coconut oil. With its exotic floral notes and nuances of sweet coconut, Monoï perfume transports you to heavenly landscapes and memories of relaxation under the warm sun.

Box of 4 floral and fruity fragrances.

  • Monoi flower 30 ml
  • Cherry blossom 30 ml
  • Orange blossom 30 ml
  • Coconut 30 ml

30 ml allows 3 to 5 uses.

mise en avant des 3 coffrets découvertes
nous vous présentons les promesse de la marque kikao, les produits sont sans eau, sans conservateur, sans huile essentielles, et sans conservateur.

Usage tips

  1. Shake the bottle: Before use, shake the bottle well to mix the aromatic notes.
  2. Open the cap: Gently unscrew the cap to reveal the applicator.
  3. Position above the nozzles: Direct the applicator above the nozzles of your spa, sauna or hammam.

4. Instant diffusion: Enjoy the instant diffusion of fragrance into the air, creating a captivating atmosphere.

conseil d'utilisation: agiter la bouteille, dévisser le bouchon, verser la dose recommandé,.
  • Weight: 125g

Dimensions (12.5) x (4)

  • Weight: 250g

Dimensions (17)x(4.5)

KIKAO offers a range of fragrances, from floral notes to woody aromas. Choose the one that matches your mood and/or your desires, whether it is a romantic, soothing, or energizing atmosphere, and you will find what you are looking for.

KIKAO perfumes are distinguished by their formula without essential oils, without water, without alcohol, offering optimal comfort. Microencapsulated, they preserve the purity of the water without clogging the filters. The wide choice of fragrances allows for unique personalization of your well-being experience. Cosmetic quality!

KIKAO fragrances are formulated to be compatible with a variety of wellness equipment, including spas, saunas and steam rooms. Their gentle, residue-free formula makes them suitable for diverse use.